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Krishna Impex is a manufacturer and exporter of Coconut Shell Charcoal and Briquette products of all sizes and shapes. We at Krishna Impex believe in the eco- friendly environment where trees are not cut or destroyed in any form, so we use 100% natural Coconut shell products.

Our chemical-free charcoal briquettes burn three times longer than other grill charcoals and require a lot less replenishing, due to their consistent burn and temperature.

Why choose our products?

No Sparks and Smoke
Less Ash Residue
Last Longer
Clean Burning
Higher Calorific Value
100% Natural Chemical Free
Reduces Co2 From Atmosphere
Excellent Fertilizer

100% Natural Chemical
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+91 96007 74567

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Quality Control

The Secret behind our Consistent Quality: QC Performed on Every Batch – Several Times Daily.

Our in-house lab performs continuous, daily tests of incoming raw materials and product mixtures. These tests focus on: fixed carbon, moisture, volatile matter, and ash residues.

Furthermore, self-heating tests are performed to ensure the product cannot self-ignite.

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  • Private Label Customers
  • Super Market Chains
  • Retail Traders
  • BBQ and Grill Equipment Companies
  • Restaurant & Hotels
  • Distributors & Traders

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