We believe in Ensuring Consistent Quality of our products and never compromised with it.

The manufacturing flow from receiving raw materials throughout our streamlined production process is highly efficient. Rigorous quality control and continuous daily testing at our in-house lab are essential to provide consistent, high quality.

Our advanced production method gives us full knowledge and control of the finished briquettes. We can customise parameters such as size, moisture levels and Fixed carbon.

SGS testing is performed before shipping the products as per the client’s needs. These tests focus on the parameters such as moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon, calorific value and ash residues, under the ASTM testing method.

Thorough testing is performed to ensure consistent briquette quality. Daily in-house burning tests are done on each batch and results are filed to keep our records updated.

Based on your specification we can do any quality and all kinds of packings.

KRISHNA IMPEX has been approved by the BSCI and is a participating member.

Our production plant is not only right in the centre of coconut production. It is also a BSCI-certified, highly efficient facility with skilled, local employees.

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system with a Code of Conduct that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within the global supply chains.

It helps us ensure that our supply chains meet internationally recognized social standards and supports the protection of workers’ rights and welfare.